1000 Lives is about people and organisations
1000 lives is about communities
1000 lives is about sharing and working together
1000 lives is about better wellbeing and quality of life

1000 lives brings people, skills, resources, opportunities and enthusiasm together
to make North Staffordshire a better place to live for everyone

Anyone who is or wants to get involved in helping their community and making a difference to the lives of people around them can join the 1000 lives network.

1000 Lives is designed and run by its members with support from All the Small Things CiC.
What the Network does depends on you.

1000 Lives was funded by Stoke on Trent City Council from 2012-2018, and supported in-kind by partners providing venues, training and practical support.

In 2017-2018 we had funding from Seedbed and the Lottery Awards For All to develop the Network to reach more people including online.

We started a Local Organising Group in 2020. We had support from Community Organisers Ltd and All the Small Things CiC to develop a Local Organising Action Plan. Find out more here.

The 1000 Lives Steering Group is looking for more funding to develop the Network. We want to focus on:

  • Inclusion – promote Equality and Diversity, make sure new people know they can join, support people to take part especially people who are not on email/ internet
  • Collective voice and influence – enable people to speak up and take action together
  • Trusted support and information, neutral, reliably available
  • Sharing resources using Got It Want It
  • Training – short workshops and full training days and courses
  • Partnership working

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