Big Workshop Event Report December 2018

We held our annual 1000 Lives Big Workshop Event
on Wednesday 12th December from 10am to 3pm
at the Bridge Centre, Birches Head, ST2 8D
People had a choice of 12 workshops including
  • Basic Life Support and AED Awareness
  • Community Advocacy
  • Hospice Volunteer Support and Fundraising
  • Creativity for Mental Well Being
  • Naloxone first aid for drug overdose
  • Introduction to Asset Based Mentoring
  • Being informed about decisions that affect health services
  • Citizens’ Participation in Budgeting for public services
  • Community Event Planning
  • Reducing Social Isolation and Improving Emotional Wellbeing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Read and Connect
We talked about our ideas to plan the future of the 1000 Lives Network.
We heard four short talks about projects and organisations in the city.
People used the Got It Want board to share things they have to offer and things they want to help them take action in their communities.
You can read the 1000 lives big workhop event 12th dec 2018 report. Click this link to download it.

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